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Tales of Yesterday

A tribute to those fleeting moments. From the soft touch of a leather handle to the intricate stitching. This collection is an ode to the beautifully messy pile-up of feelings, an exploration of the human desire to lose oneself in a world of the past without the need for rediscovery.

 Each creation in the 'Tales of Yesterday Collection' is a glimpse into the captivating state of mind, Our bags are not just accessories; they are vessels that carry the essence of those unforgettable moments. Whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of a clutch, the versatility of a crossbody bag, or the functionality of a tote, our collection offers something for everyone. Discover the perfect bag to match your style and aspirations in 'Tales of Yesterday’ and make every day an unforgettable tale.

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Bolbolita Sale priceLE 6,240.00
Shalta Sale priceLE 6,720.00
Save LE 1,560.00#color_BlueCassino
Cassino Sale priceFrom LE 3,640.00 Regular priceLE 5,200.00
Sold outOn sale#color_GreenTag
Tag Sale priceFrom LE 3,540.00 Regular priceLE 7,080.00
Sold out#color_PeachyYalla al-Bahr
Yalla al-Bahr Sale priceLE 4,200.00
Sold out#color_Navy MetallicNuba in Akhmim
Nuba in Akhmim Sale priceLE 4,920.00
#color_Metallic Rose #color_Metallic Rose
Sold outSave LE 3,180.00#color_Metallic RoseLayali Luna
Layali Luna Sale priceLE 3,180.00 Regular priceLE 6,360.00
#color_Metallic Powder Blue#color_Metallic Powder Blue
Mini Lotus in Metallic Leather Sale priceLE 7,150.00