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The Bahawat Collection

The 'Bahawat Collection,' an ode to the remarkable men who have enriched our lives. Created by Nuniz, a brand driven by the passion and creativity of women, this collection is a heartfelt tribute to the men who inspire us daily.

The 'Bahawat Collection' is a curated selection of essentials designed with love and dedication. As we extend our brand's legacy, we invite you to explore a world where practical luxury meets contemporary elegance. Welcome to a collection born from admiration and designed for the men who make our lives worthwhile  every day.

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#color_BlackZarf XXL
Zarf XXL Sale priceLE 4,000.00
#color_BlackYa Helewa
Ya Helewa Sale priceLE 3,700.00
#color_CamelEl Negm
El Negm Sale priceLE 4,000.00
#color_MaroonEl Wallet
El Wallet Sale priceLE 2,500.00
#color_CamelEl Excellance
El Excellance Sale priceLE 9,500.00
Sold out#color_Black x BlueThe World ala Dahry
The World ala Dahry Sale priceLE 8,700.00
#color_Jeans BlueSawa7
Sawa7 Sale priceLE 14,500.00
#color_OliveEl Boss
El Boss Sale priceLE 4,370.00