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The Brand

The Story of Nuniz 

A Love affair in the marking 

Nadia’s love affair with bags started at the young age of 16, when she started collecting bags, and subsequently deconstructing them to satisfy her fascination with the world of bag making. 

Nuniz Cairo is born 

Nuniz is proudly an Egyptian brand founded in 2009 following Nadia’s commitment to detail and quality that lead her to found a workshop allowing her to guarantee the outcome of every bespoke piece. Over the course of the company’s 12- year journey, Nadia who is self taught in the handbag industry, made it her mission to learn every step of the process from her team. Consequently, she opened their eyes to the infinite possibilities of the international fashion world and to innovative ways of using local resources in Egypt.

 Brand Philosophy 

Quality and refinement 

 It is for these very principles, quality and refinement, that we has always shunned mass production, manufacturing lines and outsourcing. Each and every product coming out under Nuniz reflects the hard work put into it by our artisans, and with those values at heart our signature collection was born. 

Our First Collection ( Corniche, Downtown, key of life ) 

We debuted our first collection in 2011, capitalizing on the post revolutionary heightened sense of pride taking over Egypt – the time to buy high quality Egyptian made products was unprecedented. With that, Nuniz was born out of a need to provide the local market with high quality finished leather bags. With our own workshop, we were able to handcraft high quality products that meet international standards locally. We pride ourselves as an esteemed, locally grown, proud Egyptian brand that combines fine craftsmanship with effortless beauty that is fit for an everyday, smart and casual consumer. 

 A Modern Look 

 Egyptian symbols and architecture are two of the most prominent aspects of our heritage, instilling a sense of pride in our past, and providing inspiration for our present. With that belief providing foundation for our brand DNA, we explore these aspects, and utilize them in a way that brings our past alive in our modern world. 


Joining Forces  

The women behind the new era of Nuniz  


Nadia met Carole Nathan in 2018 through work. They were both very busy in their different careers, but remained in touch. Until they bumped into each other in November of 2021 and started discussing joining forces. Realizing that they complement each other and have similar visions and goals for growing an Egyptian brand. Today, Nuniz is expanding production and it’s reach internationally. With fresh visions and open minds, Nadia and Carole are on a journey that is only beginning and Nuniz is part of every step of the way. 




To instill a sense of pride in an Egyptian brand that pays tribute to its craftsmen and history all the while engaging a modern and global client. 



Aspire to share the story of how we interpret Egypt’s rich culture and heritage through each of our bags. 

Based in Cairo, Egypt, we are a brand that thrives on a team united by a profound love for the art of crafting leather bags. Yet, we are more than mere artisans; we are storytellers and custodians of tradition, weaving narratives into every carefully stitched piece. Our commitment to excellence, heritage, and the timeless elegance of leather shines through meticulously in every handcrafted piece we offer. a true "reflection of you." Welcome to a world where heritage and innovation come together in perfect harmony.


Founded in 2009 by Nadia, Nuniz Cairo emerged from a steadfast dedication to precision and quality. Over the span of 15 years, Nadia embarked on a journey of mastering the art of bag making and imparted her team with a global perspective on fashion. Nuniz marked its entry into the market with the launch of its debut collection, locally handcrafted premium leather bags that seamlessly combined craftsmanship and beauty.

Weaving in elements of Egyptian heritage, the brand's contemporary image beautifully bridged the gap between the past and the present. However, it was in a serendipitous reunion that Nuniz's narrative took a transformative turn. Carole and Nadia, affectionately known as ‘the bold and the beauty’, came together, expanding Nuniz's horizons in the process.


In 2021, the fateful reunion of Carole, the bold visionary, and Nadia, the embodiment of beauty, reshaped Nuniz's narrative. These two forces of nature, who had initially crossed paths in 2018, met again in November 2021. Their meeting was more than a mere coincidence; it was destiny in action.

Recognizing their shared vision, Carole and Nadia joined forces. Their partnership infused a bold and dynamic energy into Nuniz. In the past year, Nadia, with her keen eye for aesthetics and design, represents the embodiment of beauty, while Carole, through her bold and forward thinking approach, breathes new life into the Nuniz Journey.

Leather is more than just a material; it's the very essence of our craft. It's a canvas where we paint stories, preserve traditions, and craft enduring memories. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering pursuit of quality find their embodiment in leather's timeless charm. Join us in celebrating the artistry that leather inspires in every piece we create.


Lets celebrate the very heart and soul of Nuniz Cairo and our exceptional craftsmanship. These artisans are more than just craftsmen; they are the backbone of our Nuniz family.

At the core of our craft is the unwavering commitment to preserving ancient techniques and traditions. It's a painstaking process that involves a delicate dance between tradition and progress. With every stitch meticulously placed, our bags become masterpieces. These stitches don't merely hold leather together; they carry the tale of enduring refinement.

In Their Own Words

Absolutely adore my new bag—top-notch quality, kudos to the service. Nuniz always goes above and beyond!

Dina Fouad

Fashionable and goes with many styles and outfits. Love it!

Menna ElGazzar

I loved it beyond imagination. It is a pretty lovely bag, seriously… Very classy

Noha Nassif