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Sadaf Sale priceFrom LE 5,500.00
Khalili Sale priceFrom LE 5,000.00
Sold outThe Other Side of Cairo City View PouchThe Other Side of Cairo City View Pouch
Sold outSave LE 5,400.00Signature Lotus in Crystal effectSignature Lotus in Crystal effect
Signature Lotus in Crystal effect Sale priceLE 3,600.00 Regular priceLE 9,000.00
Bolbolita Sale priceLE 6,240.00
Aswan City View Pouch
Aswan City View Pouch Sale priceLE 1,950.00
Sold out#color_GreenNuba
Nuba Sale priceLE 4,300.00
Madina Sale priceLE 7,600.00
On sale#color_Metallic cinnamonCarreta
Carreta Sale priceFrom LE 8,650.00 Regular priceLE 11,650.00
#color_RedSignature Lotus
Signature Lotus Sale priceFrom LE 10,750.00
#color_BlackZarf XXL
Zarf XXL Sale priceLE 4,000.00
Shalta Sale priceLE 6,720.00
Save LE 1,560.00#color_BlueCassino
Cassino Sale priceFrom LE 3,640.00 Regular priceLE 5,200.00
Nazly Sale priceLE 10,800.00
Downtown Full DayDowntown Full Day
Downtown Full Day Sale priceFrom LE 11,150.00
Save LE 4,125.00#color_Sky BlueShorouk
Shorouk Sale priceLE 4,125.00 Regular priceLE 8,250.00
Alexandria City View Pouch
Alexandria City View Pouch Sale priceLE 1,950.00
Sold outSave LE 4,500.00Mini Key of LifeMini Key of Life
Mini Key of Life Sale priceLE 3,000.00 Regular priceLE 7,500.00
Woven Card HolderWoven Card Holder
Woven Card Holder Sale priceLE 900.00
Sold out#color_CamelEl Oud
El Oud Sale priceLE 5,940.00
#color_Sky BlueKey of Life
Key of Life Sale priceLE 10,400.00
Sold outCairo City View PouchCairo City View Pouch
Cairo City View Pouch Sale priceLE 1,950.00
Tray Sale priceLE 600.00
On sale#color_Black#color_Black
Corniche Sale priceFrom LE 6,150.00 Regular priceLE 10,250.00
Sold outGouna City View PouchGouna City View Pouch
Gouna City View Pouch Sale priceLE 1,950.00
Compact mirrorCompact mirror
Compact mirror Sale priceLE 650.00
#color_BlackDowntown Half Day
Downtown Half Day Sale priceFrom LE 7,900.00
Save LE 3,450.00#color_metallic Aqua Green10:35
10:35 Sale priceFrom LE 3,450.00 Regular priceLE 6,900.00
Sold out#color_Beige'Ola
'Ola Sale priceFrom LE 6,960.00
Sold out#color_Yellow#color_Apple Green
Mini Corniche Sale priceLE 7,900.00
Mattar Sale priceLE 10,200.00
Luxor City View Pouch
Luxor City View Pouch Sale priceLE 1,950.00
Sold out#color_YellowDowntown Half Day
Downtown Half Day Sale priceFrom LE 5,180.00
Sold outSave LE 3,240.00#color_Camel#color_Camel
Sabah Sale priceLE 4,860.00 Regular priceLE 8,100.00
Port Said City View Pouch
Port Said City View Pouch Sale priceLE 1,950.00
Mini Lotus Sale priceLE 6,950.00
#color_BlackYa Helewa
Ya Helewa Sale priceLE 3,700.00
#color_RedShalta Shetwi
Shalta Shetwi Sale priceFrom LE 6,800.00
Sold outOn sale#color_PeachHold Edy Fasahny
Hold Edy Fasahny Sale priceFrom LE 5,580.00 Regular priceLE 9,300.00
Sold outGlasses CaseGlasses Case
Glasses Case Sale priceLE 900.00
#color_CamelEl Negm
El Negm Sale priceLE 4,000.00
Bosta Sale priceLE 12,150.00
Sold out#color_denim#color_Maroon
Bianchi Sale priceLE 3,800.00
On sale#color_MaroonQalby Fo’ El-Shagara
Qalby Fo’ El-Shagara Sale priceFrom LE 4,368.00 Regular priceLE 6,240.00
#color_Copper Gold#color_Copper Gold
Mini Loza Sale priceFrom LE 5,200.00
#color_WhiskyMini Lotus in SnakeSkin
Mini Lotus in SnakeSkin Sale priceLE 7,900.00
Alia Sale priceFrom LE 10,500.00
Sold outWoven ZarfWoven Zarf
Woven Zarf Sale priceLE 3,500.00
Luxor Sale priceLE 8,350.00
Lily Sale priceFrom LE 6,960.00