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Amazonica is home to the world's largest tropical rainforest, a complex ecosystem composed of numerous interconnected life layers, all contributing to its profound harmony and beauty. Each design captures the irregularities rooted between each layer of the rainforest yet tying them together with finesse to create handbags that stand the test of time. 

Our ensemble comprises a harmonious blend of genuine leather, cowhide, snakeskin, and sadaf. This fusion mirrors the rich wildlife harmonizing with the concealed amazonian layers, while the collection's palette draws inspiration from the Amazon's vivid shades: Olive Green, Orange, Burgundy, and Black.

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#color_CamelEl Oud
El Oud Sale priceLE 5,940.00
#color_RedShalta Shetwi
Shalta Shetwi Sale priceFrom LE 6,000.00
Nahr Sale priceLE 6,840.00
Lily Sale priceFrom LE 6,960.00
Alia Sale priceFrom LE 10,500.00
Mini Koukh#color_Olive
Mini Koukh Sale priceLE 8,800.00
'Ola Sale priceFrom LE 6,960.00
Koukh Sale priceLE 10,200.00
Banyan Sale priceLE 10,600.00
Save LE 1,620.00#color_Black#color_Orange
Meshabek ( Limited edition patterns) Sale priceLE 3,780.00 Regular priceLE 5,400.00
El Nada (Limited edition pattern) Sale priceFrom LE 5,040.00
Save LE 1,512.00#color_CamelShalal
Shalal Sale priceLE 3,528.00 Regular priceLE 5,040.00
Ka Sale priceLE 5,280.00
On sale#color_MaroonQalby Fo’ El-Shagara
Qalby Fo’ El-Shagara Sale priceFrom LE 4,368.00 Regular priceLE 6,240.00
Save LE 1,620.00#color_YellowFarasha
Farasha Sale priceLE 3,780.00 Regular priceLE 5,400.00