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Nuba in Akhmim

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Experience the captivating transformation of our iconic "Nuba" handbag, now adorned with the exquisite Akhmim fabric. Crafted from hand-loomed cotton and linen, Akhmim fabric showcases the artistry of skilled artisans. The "Nuba" in Akhmim fabric is a testament to the beauty of traditional craftsmanship, featuring intricate patterns and textures that evoke a sense of heritage and authenticity. With its unique blend of natural fibers and timeless design, the "Nuba" in Akhmim fabric is a symbol of elegance and cultural richness. Elevate your style with this extraordinary masterpiece that seamlessly blends tradition and contemporary fashion.


Weight: 326.25 gram 

Height: 15 cm

Width: 23 cm

Bottom: 5 cm

Color:Navy Metallic
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