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The Bosta bag is an all-leather cross-body bag perfect for running everyday errands. It holds a rectangular shape convenient enough to carry all your necessities for traveling and longer days. Its name originally comes from the post-man, “El Bostagy”, as its shape resembles the original postman’s bag. Bosta has a finishing touch of braided details around the edges of the bag itself and the pocket upfront. The bag comes with its signature, hand-beaded “Herfa” strap, locally made in Arish, located in upper Egypt. The beads seen on the strap take up to ten days to be put together, as each design of beads is different. 


Weight: 888 gm

Height: 25 cm

Width: 25 cm

Bottom: 8 cm

Color:Watermelon Pink
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Bosta Sale priceLE 12,150.00